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Para los que hemos visto poco o mucho animé (animación japonesa), las siguientes leyes físicas se nos harán familiares...

Me lo encontré en wikipedia, y creo que esta gracioso

Cita:Dramatic moments tend to distort time, either by slowing it down (usually long enough to call out the name of an attacker or the name of the "special move" used in the attack, or for bystanders to comment on the situation), or by looping three times.

Human bodies contain more blood than a barrel of the same size, often under high pressure.

An angry girl will be able to hit any male (usually one who is romantically involved with her) hard enough to knock him into low Earth orbit.

Characters have an extradimensional storage space normally used for the concealment of weapons or tools. This is usually an oversized mallet in the case of many females. Because of this, this space is commonly known as Hammerspace.

Any character of superior athletic ability can jump no less than ten feet into the air. In addition, feats of incredible strength, such as wielding ten-foot swords and punching through concrete, are relatively commonplace.

A katana can always cut through anything - including boulders and solid steel - without breaking or becoming noticeably dulled. Wooden or bamboo katanas are just as powerful as their metal counterparts, sometimes even more so. Also, a sword, knife, or dagger can easily cut through an object that is far thicker than its blade is long. i.e. a 3 foot blade may cut through a boulder that is 10 feet wide.

Fight attacks strong enough to shred entire planets will not destroy anyone's pants.

Conversely, certain explosions can destroy a female character's clothing without significantly harming her body —in some cases, without her initially noticing this.

Any fire-based attack on a character will not burn his/her clothes.

The Stormtrooper effect holds true for all manner of grunts, mecha, demons, generic ninja, etc.

A group of five heroes will likely consist of a handsome guy, his best friend/rival, an attractive woman, a massive oaf, and a diminuitive, annoying creature (usually a small child or magical being). This holds true for groups as small as three or as great as ten members; groups larger than ten are extremely rare. [1]

When a character or multiple characters hear another character say something completely unexpected or the exact opposite of expected speech during a humourous or compromising situation, all said listening characters will experience a massive tug of gravity, causing them to instantly fall to the ground with significant force. Note that they are completely unharmed by this and often get up quickly to scold the other character.

...aunque no viene la ley de la gotita de sudor mamila cuando un personaje se siente frustrado Tongue
Big Grin Muy buena, también falta la clásica nariz sangrando cuando los chicos ven algo sexy de una femina :wink:
Bastante gracioso y es verdad, los tipicos estereotipos del anime :grin:
Hehehe Cool, pero no entendí la del efecto Stormtrooper... :?

Ya lo encontré, y si es cierto... Tongue

Stormtrooper Effect
Vaya, hay un artículo ampliado en "Jugopedia" que es wikipedia, pero jugosa.

El Jugo es algo así como hablar puras tonteras u observaciones agudas pero que no sirven.

Jugopedia escribió:El jugo (del latín iugus, que proviene del griego ?????) es un amplio metaconcepto que se aplica a cualquier actividad, dato, persona o circunstancia motivada por afanes improductivos o totalmente desconectada de lo socialmente aceptado como normal o lógico.

Les recomiendo una visita y como está basada en el motor Wiki, pueden aportar de su cuota.
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Muy buena....

Me gusta el anime :grin: