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Claroshop Blade runner 1982 $189 mxn
Esta es una película que por mas que la veo con TODA mi atención, muchisimas cosas se me pasan y me confunde SIEMPRE.

Recuerdo los buenos tiempos donde estaba MUY barata en sanborns y la compraban ara en el Block (snif) pal credito del 50 (snif x2).

Mi experiencia con claroshop es pésima por que me cobraron un pedido, nunca lo mandaron y me pase 3 meses cancelando el cargo.

Blade Runner 4K Blu-ray, Overall Score and Recommendation

The 4K disc of Blade Runner is a thing of beauty, but the set with which it arrives is something else: ill-conceived, poorly executed and to all appearances designed by people who have no understanding of the film or its provenance. Especially egregious is the failure to remaster the standard Blu-ray from 2007, which is dated and inferior. My advice is to forget about the crippled selection of accompanying discs and features and evaluate the purchase as if it were a single 4K disc. Anyone who wants a complete set of features and versions representing the full history of Blade Runner will need to acquire the 5-disc 2007 set (which has been discontinued) or the 30th Anniversary edition(also, apparently, discontinued). Solely on the merits of the 4K disc, the UHD is recommended. For the rest, the team in charge of this collection should be ashamed of themselves.
Todos mis BDs en venta, escucho propuestas.

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Claroshop Blade runner 1982 $189 mxn - por gonzalo MX - 05-17-2018, 08:27 AM

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