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Star Wars 3D
Star Wars 3D

At a ShoWest panel discussion on Thursday March 17th, filmmaker George Lucas (along with James Cameron, Robert Zemeckis, Robert Rodriguez and Randal Kleiser) unveiled the first public display of the Dimensionalized 3D process used to convert 2D feature motion picture into truly realistic 3D. The proprietary process, patented by In-Three of Agoura Hills CA, uses digital projection and lightweight wireless glasses to deliver the effect to the viewer. In-Three has completed many tests with films such as Star Wars Episodes II and IV, Lilo and Stitch, Grease and The Lord of the Rings. During the discussion, Mr. Lucas unofficially announced plans to theatrically re-release Star Wars: A New Hope in 3D for the film's 30th anniversary in 2007 - with the subsequent films in the series released each year thereafter. For more on the process, visit In-Three's official site.
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Naucalpan,Estado de Mexico
aqui lo pueden ver en pdf: ... elease.pdf
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Naucalpan,Estado de Mexico
Pues nomás faltan 2 años
Cinescape, Imperator in Aeternum

Tengo una vaca lechera, no es una vaca cualquiera,
Me da leche condensada, hay que vaca tan salada,
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Igual lo lei hoy en el periodico, que a partir del 2007, otra jalada de Dios Lucas :roll:
¡DVD's STILL RULES! DVD's 2700+, BR's... 900 ¿? Mi coleccion de blurays Big Grin
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y a ver si el wey no se avienta en el 2007 un megaset con las 6 películas y las ediciones originales de la trilogía original.... no sería dudoso
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Estaba leyendo un articulo sobre un premio que le estan dando a Rick McCallum en España, y me tope con algo mas interesante. Mostraron un preview de lo que sera StarWars en 3D. Aqui la reseña de un testigo:
Cita:"During the European Digital Cinema and HDTV conference (TEA07) celebrated this weekend in Zaragoza, Spain, Rick McCallum received the TEA Cinema Community award and gave several talks about the future of Digital Cinema. We, the Spanish Garrison of the 501st Legion were invited there to create a more galactic ambient in the conference.

The biggest event of the weekend was today, sunday the 1st, when the audience had the opportunity of watching footage of the 3D version of Star Wars!!! They showed the first few minutes of Episode IV: A New Hope, including the initial text crawl and most of the assault on the tantive. It was followed by a few scenes of the Millenium Falcon and part of the Coruscant speeder chase sequence of Episode II. It was just amazing. It was like being in the corridors of the tantive, with laser beams flying around you, like watching the movie for the first time again.

The audience went just crazy, everyone was screaming of joy and clapping constantly with every sequence. If just a few minutes is like this, watching a whole movie can be absolutely awesome. After the projection, Rick McCallum offered a Q&A session where he talked about the process of "dimensioning" a 2D movie, and revealed some very interesting facts. They are trying to refine the process to make it faster and cheaper, so they can convert to 3D all the 6 Star Wars Movies by 2009. He also said that Peter Jackson wants to convert the Lord of the Rings trilogy and James Cameron wants to do the same with the Terminator trilogy and Titanic. They are doing this to promote the introduction of Digital and 3D technologies to the cinema theatre owners, so they upgrade their systems and make possible the creation of new 3D movies designed as such rather than converting existing 2D flicks."

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